You Know You’re An Artist…

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…if all your artwork compositions have perfect balance but your checkbook does not.

…if you get so involved in working on your artwork that you forget to eat.

…if it takes half an hour to describe the sunset you saw today.

And The Sunset Was Orange And Yellow...

…if your blue jeans are every color but blue.

…if you can’t find your car keys but you know exactly where your tube of cadmium red is out of hundreds of colors.

…if your camera is permanently attached to your face.

…if you think junk yards are beautiful.

…if your favorite color is unpronounceable.

…if you’ve told at least one art gallery what they can do with their 50 percent commission.

…if you bleed paint.

…if you think most art galleries are a joke.

…if you feel blessed for having talent.

…if you shop for art supplies in trash dumpsters.

…if you live out of your car and still manage to create art.

…if you haven’t showered or bathed in three days.

…if happiness is getting new art supplies.

…if you have an artistic license.

…if nobody understands what it is you do.

…if you use your paint brush more than your toothbrush.

…if your jewelry is encrusted with ancient paint.

…if you just start to hit your stride at 12:00am.

…if you love the smell of turpentine and varnish.

…if people cross the street when they see you coming.

…if you’re broke and happy.

…if you dream in sepia tone.

…if your best meals come from art gallery receptions.

…if you can’t do math.

…if your worst critic is yourself.

…if pricing your artwork stresses you out.

…if you see the beauty in things that others do not.

…if you’re a dreamer.

…if your studio is so full of ”art supplies” that there is only a narrow trail for which to walk.

…if most of your knives, forks and spoons have become art making tools.

…if the shirt you’re wearing has become the paint wipe-off rag.

…if you still love the smell of traditional photographic film developing chemicals.

…if you save food containers to mix paint in.

…if your cat and dog have accidental paint splatters on them.

…if five hours of time spent working on art seems only like an hour.

…if you have more ideas for artworks than time will alllow.

…if your studio is your favorite place to be.

…if the art supply store clerks know you by name.

…if you don’t need to wear no stinkin’ 3D glasses.

…if you don’t know the meaning of ”savings account”.

…if your hair color is by Winsor & Newton, Old Holland or Golden.

…if your fingers are glued together.

…if most of your clothes have paint on them.

…if Crayons hold a deeper meaning for you.

You Know You’re An Artist… is a list of truisms of the wonderful world of the odd species know as the Artist. 

This list will grow as I discover more characteristics of Artists over time.